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22 Ships ~ Jason Atherton in da house

22ships open kitchen

22Ships had been on everyone’s lips even before it was opened, the no- reservation policy hasn’t stop eager patrons from checking the restaurant out. Reviews have been highly positive for his playful, modern, creative style of cooking. Someone mentioned that Jason Atherton is in town again for just two days and I thought I should take that chance to revisit 22 ships.

Jason Atherton certainly has an impressive resume to boost; the British celebrity chef began his career working under great chefs such as Pierre Koffmann, Nico Ladenis, Marco Pierre White and Ferran Adrià before being the executive chef at Gordon Ramsay’s Michelin starred Maze in London in 2010. After Jason left the Gordon Ramsay holdings, he opened his flagship restaurant, Pollen Street Social, which was awarded a Michelin star within 6 months of opening. Since then, he had opened highly praised restaurants in Shanghai, Singapore and Hong Kong

We arrived just before 6 to secure a seat, I specifically asked for the bar seats as it’s more fun to interact with the chefs and see what goes behind the scene as they prepare the dishes. Like the previous times, it never knows how to disappoint its audience! One of the staff recognized me and greeted me with the warm “Welcome back!” and got us a round of sangria on the house. Definitely a nice start to the night already.

Scallop ceviche with yuzu dressing, soy, cucumber and apple

We started with the Scallop ceviche with yuzu dressing, soy, cucumber and apple; I love the combination of flavors in this dish. The sweetness of the apple, sour-bitterness of yuzu, freshness of the cucumber and finally balanced with a hint of soy

Salt baked beetroot, cheese mousse and almond powder

The Salt baked beetroot, cheese mousse and almond powder is just as impressive. The fluffy melt in your mouth cheese and the thinly sliced crispy beetroot was a surprisingly pleasant combination. The almond powder gives an almost-peanut butter flavor to the salad.

Chargrilled Iberico pork & foie gras burgers

Chargrilled Iberico pork & foie gras burgers  Oh, the burgers!!! They are sooooo good! The juicy Iberico pork and foie gras patty is cooked to perfection and the pickle has become the new cherry on the top. There’s no elegant way of eating this heavenly burger. Juice from the patty oozing out from all directions with each bite. We love them so much; we had to go for round 2.

Strawberry roses & vanilla

Dessert time!! Strawberry roses & vanilla was the daily special dessert. The staff sprayed rose mist onto the dessert at the table and within seconds, the aroma drifted off into our nose-  *the smell of being in love*. Jessica, the pastry chef explained that she got the inspiration from Valentine’s Day where roses are like the essence of love. I love how she plays with different texture and adds dimensions to the dish: the crispy raspberry “chips”, the fresh raspberries, the strawberries, the granola, and the vanilla ice cream all complimented each other while keeping their own edge. LOVE LOVE LOVE the crispy raspberry chips. It’s kind of like dried strawberries (I LOVE DRIED STRAWBERRIES) but crispy.

Texturas de Chocolate

Texturas de Chocolate~ where do I begin? When we attempted to ask the staff which dessert he’d recommend, before I could finish asking my question “Which one would you…”, at lightning speed, he pointed to the Texturas de Chocolate.  Okay, we will have a go at that then. His enthusiasm has to be a sign of good food to come and it WAS yet another masterpiece! Not only is the presentation cute and playful, every bite of it was satisfying.  It’s like chocolate in different forms and textures.  There’s the melt-in-your-mouth rich ganache, the crunchy chocolate-coated puff, crushed oreo biscuit crumbs, the crispy meringue and the ice cream to balance off the otherwise chocolate overdose. At this point, I was reminded of The Vow: “I vow to fiercely love you in all your forms.” Only that I was about to profess my love to um.. chocolate *sad*

Frozen black sesame with pineapple carrot sorbet and coconut tapioca

And because there’s never too much dessert, we ordered the third: Frozen black sesame with pineapple carrot sorbet and coconut tapioca. Jessica said it’s one of her favorite; the frozen black sesame was EPIC! The thin strand of frozen black sesame blooms its distinct fragrance that hovers over the dish even before we dug into it.  A small touch of it on your tongue gave the intense black sesame flavor.  With its grounded granular texture it said much more than just plain old smooth.

To make the night even more memorable, Jessica gave us frozen popcorn as complimentary treats!! The night couldn’t have been better!!

Frozen caramelised popcorn

Dishes that I liked from the previous visits

Marinated hamachi with gazpacho dressing

Marinated hamachi with gazpacho dressing; the gazpacho (tomato based cold soup) dressing was poured onto the Hamachi as it’s served. The dish was refreshing and light

Baked Smoked Bone Marrow, onion jam, & sourdough, gentleman’s relish butter

Baked Smoked Bone Marrow, onion jam, & sourdough, gentleman’s relish butter

Rich aromatic bone marrow breadcrumbed and mixed with meat presented on the bone and spread over the sourdough, the flavor lingers in the mouth. Sweet caramelized onion jam helped balance the richness of the bone marrow

Olive oil brioche with chocolate ganache and sea salt pistachio

Olive oil brioche with chocolate ganache and sea salt pistachio– refreshing and interesting combination

The olive oil brioche, the whole pistachio and chocolate crumble add texture to the creaminess of the ice cream and the richness of chocolate ganache.

“PJB” peanut parfait, blueberry sorbet, salted peanut crunch

“PJB” peanut parfait, blueberry sorbet, salted peanut crunch

I wonder why my favorite dishes happens to be dessert hmm..

Refreshing blueberry sorbet, frozen raspberry bits, velvety peanut parfait, salted peanut crunch, fresh blackberry, blueberries all living in harmony with each other in this well thought out masterpiece. The fruitiness of blueberry sorbet contrast sharply with the round nuttiness of peanut parfait, this dish is a perfect balance in flavor and texture!