In the pipeline


It’s crazy how time flies! A quarter of 2013 is almost over in the blink of an eye?! It felt like 2012 just a month ago and now it’s already the 7s weekend! This weekend is gonna be insanely busy, with the 7s, the parties and a charity bazaar.

The charity bazaar is hosted by a couple of my friends and it’s going to be at the Ebenezer school and home for the visually impaired on this coming Sunday 24th March. The event is to increase awareness of the school and to express thanks to those who have supported the school over the years. There will be over 20 vendors, along with fun games, good food and performances by students and the elderly. Do drop by with your friends and family at this meaningful and educational gathering to learn more about the school, how the kids learn in their classrooms and how they cope with their disabilities!!


On another note, I’ve heard decent reviews on metropolitan (opened by the same group that opened Pastis) and am excited to check it out tonight! In the pipeline, there’s also a few upcoming post on Bistro Du Vin, K-roll, Chicha etc. Stay tuned and have a great day!!



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