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Green Waffle


Green waffle is one of my favorite spontaneous brunch spots, those who know me will know that I like to make lists and plan my days weeks in advance (making reservation way ahead, study their menu etc). But occasionally I leave a few empty spots here and there. And it’s on those days that the “no reservation” policy comes to my advantage! Lisa and I were both having really lazy morning, lazing around the house; we were supposed to eat at 12 but didn’t end up meeting till 1:30.


The wait at green waffle was surprisingly short, we were seated within 5- 10 minutes. I like the casual vibe, the open coffee bar and the American diner sofa booths go well with the comfort food it offers. Their menu is loaded with hearty breakfast choices, from the usual omelette, pancakes, egg benedict and the likes to sizzling skillet, and I love that they have quite a good selection of waffles. You can even customize your perfect waffle dish with their selection of toppings, sides and different ice cream flavors. Even though I examine the menu every single time, I always end up ordering the same thing- the berries delight with green (pandan flavor) waffle; Lisa was deciding between getting pancakes or getting something savory. There are a few options on the menu which offers both sweet and savory but she picked the spicy tomato and sausage skillet in the end.


I was gonna make my own toffee or salted caramel sauce for the waffle (-_-“) yes, I take my food very seriously and…. Yes.. I’ve done that before **sad**. BUT, I was too lazy to do it that morning and opted for the caramel ice cream to go with my waffles instead. The pleasure of eating green waffle is on the first bite, after you first cut open the waffle and the aroma of panda leave rushes to your nose. Surely the waffle can be fluffier but honestly there is really no place in hk that does waffle/ pancakes right. I wonder if it’s coz buttermilk isn’t readily available (buttermilk is one of the ingredients for making fluffy pancakes). Anyways back to the waffle, Lisa watched with slight disgust at my dorkiness as I divided my ice cream evenly so each small square in the waffle gets a chunk of ice cream. The contrast between the cold, slightly melty ice cream and the warm, crispy surface of the waffle was heavenly. The caramel ice cream also went very well with the sliced bananas.


Trying to smile with food in my mouth :p

Trying to smile with food in my mouth :p

Lisa found her skillet far from faultless, while it looked decent with the poached eggs piled on top of the mixture of potato cubes, onion, sausage and cheese.  We were slightly disappointed as she cut into the eggs on top, we were expecting runnier egg yolk but they seemed to be slightly overcooked. The small cubes of potatoes were crispy on the outside and soft and hot on the inside. In the perfect world (Lisa was really missing NYC at that moment), the potatoes could have been more “burnt” to give an even crispier texture; the onions could have been caramelized and the skillet loaded with cheese. The cheese was a little on the thin side and the gooey, cheesy effect we were looking for with the ideally runny eggs and cheese overload was sadly not realized.


Despite the critique, the food was very decent compared to the popular brunch spots like the Brunch club and Oolaa where food is crappy and you really pay just for the vibe. The unpretentious and relaxed ambience at Green Waffle put us at ease on a lazy Saturday and we had a great time catching up!

Shop 3, G/F, Kar Ho Bldg,

35-39 Graham St, Central,

 2887 9991.

 Mon – Sun 11.00am -11.00pm.


4 thoughts on “Green Waffle

  1. “make lists and plan my day” — we are one and the same, huzzah! Boo to those who look at us strangely, they just don’t understand.

    Green Waffle sounds like an amazing place to try out. Too bad I can’t just fly around the world like a certain man in a red cape. The waffles with mixed fruit and ice cream just, ugh. Looks so good. Mmm!

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