Hong Kong Restaurant

Nam Kee H


Nam Kee has been a popular choice on our trading floor amongst the locals. It’s cheap and very tasty but I’ve always been hesitant in getting takeout from them as I’ve read reports of pest spotted in the bottom of someone’s takeout. I just couldn’t imagine the horror. So when K suggested going to Nam Kee I was like (T_T”) 

K said that Nam Kee had opened a new branch, Nam Kee H, which is supposed to be their younger and healthier line (like a designer brand :p). Stepping into Nam Kee H, I thought I’d stepped into MIX. It’s bright, clean, inviting and green! There was also little snake plant around the restaurant which is supposed to absorb harmful gas? Instead of serving soda, the Nam Kee H serves fresh squeezed juices, PERRIER!, coffee or soya milk.  


The ordering process was very easy and stress free, the menu is in both English and Chinese and guides you choosing first the soup base- tomato, vegetables and spicy & sour and then the noodle- rice vermicelli, rice noodles, udon and macaroni and you get to choose from 20 different ingredients which includes pork belly, sliced beef and vegetables.


I picked the vegetables soup which was clear, light yet tasty, the sliced beef, tofu skin, dumpling and their famous tofu skin wrapped fish spring roll. The sliced beef was tender, the tofu skin silky smooth, the rice vermicelli was bouncy; the dumplings firm, its skin al dente and the vegetables fresh and light. The fish spring roll well-seasoned and the tofu skin had a good bite to it! I just loved every slurp of it.


There’s homemade chili sauce and chopped celery, parsley and onion properly labeled provided on the table


Even though noodles in Nam Kee H is slightly more expensive than the normal branch, I think it’s well worth it. The service is great, staff are friendly, food taste healthier (as opposed to being loaded with MSG) and the environment more relaxing and comfortable =) I’m looking forward to going back for the tomato soup base!!

Address: 5-8 Queen Victoria Street
Central, Hong Kong
Phone: 2536-0626


4 thoughts on “Nam Kee H

  1. HOLY COW. WOULD YOU JUST PLEASE EVERYONE, SCROLL UP TO THE SECOND LAST PICTURE. Look at those lovely strands of noodles. Mmmmm. I want a hot bowl of soup and noodles. 😦 So cold now.

    #yummy as usual, viv 🙂

    • Thanks babe! LOL 😀 those noodles were good, they were firm and bouncy with a good bite to it. would love to try the tomato soup or the spicy and sour soup soon!!!! 😉

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