Istanbul Eats Part III


Best Kaymak (Turkish clotted cream) breakfast – Besiktas Kaymakci (AKA Kaymakci Pando)

Since I read about Kaymak here. I just had’t been able to get the image of pillow soft looking clotted cream out of my mind. Just typing this makes me drool now..

Besiktas Kaymakci (aka Pando) has been around since 1895 and had made a name for itself by doing simple breakfast well. We stayed at the beautiful Kempinski, which is just 15 minutes walk from Pando. When we asked the concierge for direction, they were initially surprised (how did you hear about this?) and then looked really concerned. They explained that this is a very simple local breakfast place and we assured them that we knew what we were getting into. Even though it wasn’t the easiest task to get to Pando (even with maps in hands) because of the confusing address, people were just soooo helpful, we were incredibly grateful for everyone who stopped and helped us, either by pointing us to the right direction, or by helping us ask around, one even stopped and looked up the map on his phone!


Even though Pando and his lovely wife do not speak English, nor were there any menu to point at, I showed them the picture in the article, we exchanged nods and smiles and Pando went on to prepare our long awaited meal (at this point I was seriously grinning from ear to ear). When the breakfast was set before us, it looked identical to the one in the picture! And there it is! Cloud of white clotted cream soaked in honey, light and fluffy but dense and creamy at the same time, so decadent and divine. I could fly to Istanbul just for this pure indulgence 🙂

Add: Koyici MeydanI Sk,Besiktas, Istanbul, Turkey

Go early to avoid the long line

Screen shot 2013-04-22 at 11.25.37 PM

Islak Burger (Wet burgers)- Taksim Square

I know it sounds nasty, I first heard of it on Anthony Bourdain’s show and he seemed to have enjoyed it immensely. Lisa and I were just strolling along the trendy Taksim neighborhood and there it was, just like the one I’ve seen in the show, burgers staked in a glass “incubator” where they are kept warm/hot/wet.. sounds like a hot mess already.. Lisa and I looked at each other and decided to share one. OMG, you won’t believe it, soft, fluffy, chewy bun coated in bright orange garlic infused tomato sauce with juicy patty in between. The surface of it was kinda like the Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts with sticky glaze surface but instead of being sweet, it’s savory and slightly spicy. It’s been voted as one of the best street foods in Istanbul, even though it’s been described as drunk’s best friend, it tasted every bit delicious sober!

Kizilkayalar Hamburger

Add: Siraselviler Caddesi 6, Taksim Square (Open 24-7)

I’m missing Turkey dearly at this point … *cry*



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