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Stone Nullah Tavern


More and more hip eateries are popping up in Wanchai, 22ships, Catalunya (yes, the review will be out very soon) and Stone Nullah Tavern. Brought to you by the group who’s behind Posto Pubblico, Pizzeria Pubblico and Linguini Fini, Stone Nullah Tavern exudes the familiar vintage, rustic feel in its interior as its older siblings but instead of serving Italian food, it serves new American cuisine. “New American” cuisine, explained by the staff, is simply bringing new twist to American classic dishes by using the freshest seasonal ingredients available in HK. Sounds promising! In response to that, we ordered some veggies to test if they can deliver that vision =)


First up was the heirloom tomato, the tomatoes were so fresh, juicy and plump and the mint and vinegar made it all the more refreshing. The choi sum with lilies and lemon, on the other hand, was pretty bad, not only was it overly salty, the choi sum was dry and “old”. The brussells sprout was done well with nutty and slightly charred smoky flavor.


The mac and cheese was ok, conchiglia, aka the shell pasta, was used instead of macaroni and it was cooked al dente giving it a really good bouncy texture. The flavor though was not as well done, the cheddar cheese added was not properly mixed so some bites were overly salty while some bites were totally bland. The rich, sticky gooey texture I was looking forward to was sadly lacking =(


While the thanksgiving stuffing with quinoa, sausage and foie gras gravy sounded every bit tempting and we couldn’t wait to dig in once the skillet arrived on our table. I wish I could say that angels were singing in the background, but this dish fell flat, it just tasted pretty much like the normal stuffing we are used to.


The grilled prawns with bottarga and black aioli were unmemorable, overly salty and the prawns were not firm like the fresh ones. We had leftovers even though it was a small dish =(


The clams were fresh and succulent, the white wine, chili sauce brought just the right dose of seasoning; we were munching on the crispy sea horse, honey comb looking crunch and when the waiter told us it’s fried cow’s stomach (tripe), we immediately dropped whatever was left in our hands. We thought that even though service was friendly, staffs were not very attentive; while we ordered, we made it cleared that there are people who can’t eat beef but they forgot to point out to us that there’s  fried cow stomach until we casually asked what it was as we were happily munching on them. The brisket, which was highly recommended, was tender and flavorful


Ovaltine ice- cream was pretty amazing, it was a platter full of different textures and flavors, the peanut butter fudge which was smooth, rich and very peanut buttery had stolen the limelight from the ovaltine ice cream which was definitely lacking in flavor, the caramelized sliced banana added a nice “brulee” texture. The dish was gone in literally 5 seconds. While we loved every bit of the peanut butter fudge, we wished the ice cream had a more prominent ovaltine flavor.


The fat kids cake was served with a lit candle, we had a quick look around the table to make sure we din miss anyone’s birthdays by accident but realized it’s just how it’s served. It was basically a stacked cake topped with creme brulee, followed by dark chocolate mousse, NY cheesecake and red velvet cake.  The pop rocks sprinkled on top gave an extra spark to the creme brulee glaze. The red velvet and the cheesecake went really well and the dark chocolate mousse was surprisingly cooperative.


Even though the dishes had been hit and miss through the night, we are hopeful that they will improve overtime. We liked the relaxed and inviting ambience, the oversized window, the semi open air concept. And since their menu is changed pretty often (depending on the what’s in season), I could pay them another visit for the new dishes and the desserts!!

Add: G/F, 69 Stone Nullah Lane, Wanchai, Hong Kong

Tel: 31820128

Open Tue-Sun 6pm-11pm. Close on Mondays.


2 thoughts on “Stone Nullah Tavern

  1. The Heirloom tomatoes look delish..Liking the bottom dessert pics too…I wonder why!? Could it be from the awesomeness of an iphone camera!??!?! ;))) Stubborn…. 😉 jk jk

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