Jordan -> Mount Sinai -> Israel

I just got back from a 12-day trip to Israel/ Jordan, it was easily one of the most fulfilling trips I’d been on. It was physically tiring especially with a packed schedule, waking up at mostly 6:30 am every morning (1am on the morning we went to Mount Sinai) but the breathtaking views we had seen were worth every inch of muscle pain.

Piggy catching a glimpse of the promised land on Mount Nebo

Piggy catching a glimpse of the promised land on Mount Nebo



Seeing the milky way with our naked eyes on the way up to Mount Sinai at 2am in the morning was enough to distract me from the chill (it’s really cold up there before sunrise) and the discomfort from the 1.5 hours camel ride up the hill. The 45 minute mad rush/ climb up to the peak just in time to catch the sunrise and then walking down Steps of Repentance (consists of some 3,750 steps) was stretching my body to the limit (especially for the ridiculous lazy me, who never even own a gym membership in my life!). Thankfully we got to dip in the dead sea that very night and floating in the dead sea while watching stars above us was definitely something we don’t get to do everyday.

The bible came to live as we walked the footsteps of Moses, King Solomon, King David and later Jesus himself and the highlight of the trip was our amazing Israeli guide, David, who is a walking bible/ history book/ Ultimate Weapons (discovery channel weapon show). He added so much depth to our understanding of the bible, political situations, wars fought, history etc. It was truly a blessed trip beyond our wildest dreams! Our trip ended the best way possible (well staying another few days or weeks wasn’t an option) his mom invited us over to her house for a home cooked Jewish Friday night dinner where she was hosting a big dinner for local youth, we got to interact while enjoying mom’s cooking 😉 With tears in our eyes (true story) we said goodbye to our awesome guide and to Israel, which we grew to love. And we’d decided that it won’t be long before we return again 😉


Of course, I can’t go anywhere without consuming ridiculous amount of food :p I might have had more hummus, falafel and kebab on this trip than I’ve ever consumed in my life :p More detailed update to follow as I’m still going through my pictures.

Have a great Monday guys! 🙂