Brunch spot, Hong Kong Restaurant



Located on the quieter end of Queen’s Road Central is this cozy cafe- Cafeine reminded me of Café O with its red and white deco. The ambience is cheerful and easygoing and staffs are very friendly. Chef and owner Dean moved from Brisbane to Hong Kong and brought with him delicious dishes he’d been serving for years back in the original Cafeine in Brisbane.


It was hard to decide what to eat as Cafeine offers a good selection of brunch dishes as well as pastas and desserts


We started with the trio soup –Tomato with pesto, pumpkin, mushroom with truffle oil. The pumpkin soup was my favorite out of the three, it was rich and complex in flavor. The subtle sweetness and richness from the pumpkin, the saltiness and melt in your mouth lightness from feta cheese and heat from ginger and a secret paste added complexity to the seemingly simple looking soup


The sandwiches were all very good, I love the texture of Turkish bread, how it’s chewy and crispy all at once on the outside and airy and soft on the inside. Grilled sandwich with feta, spinach, sundried tomato and pesto was my favorite. The flavors went very well with each other.

Porcini mushroom and feta omelette with toast– while the omelette looked like soufflé, the texture was more like Spanish omelette or a crustless quiche, I liked how the mushrooms were like sponges, releasing moisture and flavors with each bite. The tomato almost stole the show, the homemade pesto on top of the grilled tomato brought out the sweetness of the tomato while balancing the tanginess in the tomato =)

The other dishes tried around our table:


Poached eggs, truffled mushrooms, roast tomato and hollandaise was a simple dish done well.


Banana and walnut bread was served hot, it was crunchy on the outside from the baking and the salted butter and maple syrup caramelized the outside while the inside is moist and soft. The generous portion of walnut added texture and nuttiness to the banana bread


Friendly service, probably one of the best, understated brunch food in the area. I would go back (again, haha even though I’ve been twice already) for their trio of soup, the poached eggs truffled mushrooms, roast tomato and hollandaise and the porcini mushroom and feta omelete w toast

Shop A, G/F,
The Putman,
202 Queens Road Central,
Sheung Wan
T: 2544 1988



4 thoughts on “Caféine

  1. Looks like a quaint place! The trio soup and panini really took my breath away. I think I’m going to cry if I don’t get some for dinner. Poached eggs with truffled mushroom also sounds TO DIE FOR! You look brilliant in your last photo, as per usual 😀

    • I loved that place I’ve been there three times now :p it’s just so chill and friendly! Aw thanks hehe thanks to jess who took a good picture

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