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Lazy sunday at BurgeRoom & Kindergarten

I’ve been feeling incredibly restless since I got back from Israel, I think I’ve caught the travel bug **faints a little** and this crappy weather doesn’t help one bit. I have ZERO motivation to do anything, no motivation to eat (ok, I lied..) **correction** no motivation to eat AND write ( that sounds more like it) which resulted in stockpile of notes from the restaurants I’d been to the past month or so….  I’ll get to those new and fancy restaurants very soon, I promise, but today, on this crappy rainy day, all I can think of is comfort food…

I’m not a big fan of burger but now and then I have my burger craving and would have burgers 4,5 days in a row. Mostly coz I’m just not satisfied with the quality of burgers in Hong Kong. Today I had one of those burger cravings and Ver and I went to BurgeRoom to get my burger fix (Thanks Ver!!).

The tiny burger joint was packed to the brim when we arrived but we were lucky to take up the last two seats. I ordered the mushroom beef burger while Ver had the pineapple chicken burger


My mushroom and beef burger was delicious, the patty was well done (most burger patties are only moist and tender coz they are still pink in the middle) but so juicy, tender and flavorful, the tomato was fresh and lettuce crunchy, the bun was pillowy soft and springy and was grilled to perfection. I had a bite off Ver’s pineapple chicken burger, hmm.. it was ok, it’d have been better if the pineapple was grilled a little longer and the chicken was a little on the dry side, all in all, I prefer the chicken burger at common ground.


Since there were still patrons waiting outside of the restaurant, we decided to get the bill and go somewhere else. While driving around Causeway Bay Ver suddenly thought of the iced chocolate drink from Kindergarten in Tai Hang, we had tried walking in twice and got rejected at the door. Even though we din make a reservation (AGAIN!), we thought we could try our luck. It surprises me every time I go there, it’s always full house and the bookings are always full.


We waited for awhile and ended up ordering the iced chocolate for take out. The iced chocolate was intense, like drinking melted dark chocolate (tasted like 70% dark chocolate) with tiny bit of ice. While we loved the intensity, I wish it were smoother, maybe with lesser chunk of ice?  I don’t know if it’s worth going to Tai Hang for thou, maybe one of these days I’ll finally make a reservation and try the rest of the items on its menu as well =)


The Burger Room
7 Caroline Hill Rd
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong,
Tel: 2890-9130
Hours: Sun-Thu 10:30am-10pm
Fri-Sat 10:30am-midnight

G/F, 35 Sun Chun Street, Tai Hang
Tel: 2657 7562
Hours: Fri: 17:00-23:00;
Sat&Sun: 14:00-23:00


La Petite Globetrotter

I was going through some old albums and realised Piggy had never gotten a blog entry of his own, so here it is 😉 a blog post dedicated to some of Piggy’s greatest adventures!!!

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How Piggy funds his trips

How Piggy funds his trips


Where shall I go next? 😉

Have a great weekened!! 😉


SF Eats IV

Zushi Puzzle– BEST. Sushi. Experience. Ever.

~the end~


Head chef and owner, Roger

I can’t rave enough about Zushi Puzzle, my foodie friend C highly recommended it and was so kind to secure two seats for me at the chef’s table when I was in SF (yes, reservation is definitely necessary, and yes, you have to sit at the chefs table!) C gave me some advice before I embarked on this culinary adventure 1. Whatever Chef Roger serves, just eat it! 2. Don’t judge a book by its cover, Zushi Puzzle might looks a bit “hole in the wall”-ish but the fact that it’s fully booked all the time just goes to show how good their food has to be!

rog 3

The Chef’s table has only 8 seats; Rox and I ordered the omakase (which means chef’s choice) and Roger asked us about our preferences. On hindsight I should have just said I’ll eat anything but I think I told him that I’m not a big fan of oysters. I like that he really enhanced our dining experience by tailoring his menu to our preference instead of like some other places where they just make whatever they want to serve.


We started with the best handroll which was spicy tuna, cucumber, rice, and tempura soft shell crab wrapped in a type of seaweed I’d never seen before. I typically don’t eat deep fried stuff but this handroll was delicious!  The soft shell crab was crispy and crunchy without being heavy or greasy. The spicy tuna brought a kick to the roll


The thinly sliced raw scallop was tender, moist and soft; its freshness was marked by its subtle sweetness.. mmmm.. and the Salmon roe!! I was going to skip it since I thought it would be overly fishy but the sake that it was soaked in not only removed the fishiness but also added sake- sweetness to it =) Each pop was delightful!


The strong aroma of truffle oil drizzled on the thinly sliced halibut was ever so alluring

ver 1

Not only was the live uni splendid in its presentation, its creamy sweetness so heavenly, so buttery, so decadent …

photo 1
When Rox and I were presented with the sashimi platter we were like OMG… the platter was not only impressive, it was also A LOT of food :p Roger serves the freshest and the widest selection of sashimi, even within the common fishes we know he serves different variety of the same type of fish, he has 7 different types of salmon, 5 different types of tuna etc. Each generous cut of fish was fresh and had a firm texture. I had to get off the chair, take a walk around the restaurant (I was even contemplating walking around the block before tackling this massive dish).

VM n supersizedphoto 5

Just when I though I couldn’t have anymore food, Chef Roger served us the salmon and toro remix- “remix” means seared with a blow torch

Rox: did u hear that?

V: hear what? **viv looks around, confused**

Rox: I hear angels singing

True story. Soft, smokey, melt-in- your- mouth goodness.

photo 4

I knew I had said “I’m so stuffed I can’t eat anymore” several times by then but everyone has extra space for dessert right? The watermelon sorbet with tiny sprinkle of pepper was so refreshing and the wasabi cheesecake was creamy with added heat from the wasabi. I was surprised at how delicious it was


Seeing the satisfaction on our faces, Chef Roger decided to give us more surprise. He asked if we wanted lamb pop. Lamb pop? I don’t even eat lamb.. ever! For as long as I lived, I had HATED, yes, HATED lamb. “That’s coz you haven’t tried the lamb pop prepared by Chef Roger!” all the other friendly chef table’s patrons said. And there, under a bit of peer pressure and perhaps not wanting to miss out, I said yes to THE life changing lamb pop. OMG, succulent, fall- off- the bone tenderness and OH-SO- FLAVOURFUL. I’ve ordered lamb at every chance I have ever since this life changing dish but every lamb dish had fallen short when compared to Zushi Puzzle’s lamb pop.


I wanna hop on the next flight and go to SF NOW **cry**

rog 3

Zushi Puzzle

1910 Lombard Street

San Francisco

+1 415-931-9319

Opened every evening except Sunday