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28 days

😦 So sorry for being MIA! I haven’t posted anything in almost a month.. 28 days to be exact!! It’s just been such a crazy month with traveling, preparation for mission trip/ voluntary work, the actual mission trip and not to mention, I’m just about to move after having viewed a gazillion apartments (Thank God I’ve got the best deal EVER!!!!) I promise I’ll be more consistent once I’ve moved and am settled into the new apartment!!

Before the actual post of each event, here’s some of the highlights of the past 28 days


I used to LOVE going to taipei for the weekend but I hadn’t gone in a long long time, this trip really made me realize how much I miss Taipei!!


Girly dinner at Quemo, I know I know, it’s almost been 2 weeks now! the review will be up very soon!! =)


Piggy and I in Phnom Penh


Cupcake overload at Bloom Cafe .. droolz…


My beautiful niece was in HK for a couple of days, she’s grown so much and is such a jolly kid!!!! 😉

jenn's bdayjenn

Jenn’s birthday brunch at Catalunya, Happy birthday babe!!!! =)



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