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Honestly, we were expecting a small Greek restaurant with just a few tables covered in blue and white so we were pleasantly surprised when the stairs led us up to a 150-seater restaurant and bar. We were led to our sofa booth table, staffs were welcoming and the red in the decor brought warmth to this spacious spot. I was delighted to know that there’s an area on the side which can be cornered off as a private room for big parties.


I love how playful the menu is, with cute illustration of famous Greek Mythology characters (J: Hercules looks like some Disney lead character, and he does! With that dashing grin). We ordered a few dishes with the help of the friendly staff


The dolma was ok but i wish the vine leaf were a tad more tender. I literally dropped my half eaten dolma when the saganaki arrived coz it looked and smelled so good!! :p


The saganaki (fried cheese served on frying pan) was a must try, the firm yet gooey dollop of golden goodness has intense cheese flavors that went very well with the sweet fig marmalade and a drizzle of lemon juice.


Scallop was grilled to perfection with its soft raw centre while the creamy manouri cheese with tsoireki (sweet fragrant Greek Easter bread) crumbs brought out the simple subtle sweetness of fresh scallop. The almond skordalia served underneath the scallop was delicious! Almond skordalia is a popular Greek speciality which is thick almond and garlic dip it was tasty without overpowering the scallop.


The souvas, mini pita wraps, had lamb, herbs, tomato, mustarad aioli, French fries and onions wrapped in pillowy bouncy pita bread arrived in the “bendover box” **geeky laughter** (bento- greek style). The lamb was very tasty though the dish was a tad too starchy between the pita and the fries.


The slow cooked lamb was incredibly tender and was saturated with intense flavors of lamb without being too gamey, any heaviness was offset by a dash of lemon and a dab of yogurt.We also ordered the Cypriot salad on Viv’s recommendation (Viviano Romito, owner of the place.) He said this salad compliments the lamb really well and he was so right!! The salad was light and delicious with contrasting textures and flavors with pops of pomegranate seeds and crunchy nuts and seeds, sweet raisin, cumin, fresh herbs, dash of honey, and the all refreshing yogurt.


Golden Greek time- What’s not to love about this dish? Initially I was a bit hesitant about it since I don’t eat anything deep fried but it wasn’t greasy at all. The vanilla mastiki ice cream with chocolate center was slightly chewy like Turkish ice cream and not overly sweet. The honeycomb on the side added crunch to the divine dish. And did I mention salted caramel? I almost drown my quarter in the rich and luscious salted caramel. Needless to say, I was very satisfied at this point


The bill came up to be just under $250 per person, which was well worth it! Souvla was definitely something above our expectations in terms of quality of food, ambience and service! The dishes came out swiftly and even the hot dishes were pretty quick. We loved most of the dishes and I can’t wait to go back and try their baklava cigars! I LOVE baklava!!

1/F, Ho Lee Comm Building,
40 D’Aguilar Street,
Central, Hong Kong
+852 2522 1823

Brunch spot, Central, Hong Kong Restaurant

Shelter Lounge


I’ve always been on the lookout for new brunch places and Shelter Lounge came onto the radar. Despite being located in the quiet lane of New street (the street behind Heirloom and Queen Trattoria), this place was far from being a secret hideout. Most of the tables were filled on a lazy Sunday and walk-ins were turned away as the place was fully booked

I love how open Shelter Lounge felt, the communal table on the first floor was the center piece and even though all seats were filled it did feel overly crowded or that I was sitting on the laps of the people next to us. The ceiling to floor windows let in ample sunlight and it felt so refreshing and bright just sitting around, chilling.

We picked from the brunch menu; I was in the mood for burger (again) so I picked the portobello burger? I know… for some reason I kept imagining that the portobello burger would come with meat and of course it din (DUH!). We also wanted the beef burger which we were told the item was sold out for the day but mysteriously appeared on a couple of other tables after we were done with our food hmmm… Brunch was not impressive but I wanted to try the rest of the menu so I returned again for dinner a couple of days later


Shelter Lounge was definitely quieter on a week night, the first floor was dotted with 2,3 tables of patrons while the second floor dining room was half filled. We got a little carried away and order almost half the items of the menu. Before we knew it, the table was just covered with dishes and we had to cancel the pork belly coz we were just too stuffed

The seafood and fennel salad was ok, the yuzu soy dressing was tad on the salty side and most of the dish was left untouched

The beetroot salad with orange, mache, feta & white balsamic on the other hand was very good. The cirusy orange, sweet beetroot, salty creamy feta and sweet nutty mache are blend together in this light and refreshing perfect summer salad

Forest mushroom black truffle cream with natto egg with toast had deep aroma and flavors while natto egg added gooey texture to the mushroom

Seared scallops with pancetta, pea, onion foam had the perfect texture, soft and still raw and soft in the inside and beautifully caramelized on the sides. The pancetta, pea and onion foam on the side was made well while the scallop itself was a bit bland. I added sprinkled a few grains of salt on top of it and it instantly brought out the natural sweetness of fresh scallops.

Steamed clams in chorizo and baby cabbage with bruschetta sauce, the tangy, flavorful chorizo sauce went very well with the lightness of fresh and firm clams.

Miso cod eggplant, turnip, pickled ginger shoot was gone so fast I knew it was the crowd pleaser of the night. The miso added just the right amount of sweetness to the silky smooth, soft, buttery cod.

Slow cook duck breast with pickled red cabbage was alright, the duck breast was a little tough to my liking even though it was perfectly pink on the inside

Grilled hanger steak was grilled to perfection; nicely pink on the inside and slightly charred on the sides. The deep flavor was brought out with just a bit of salt and a dot of mustard.


They are currently not serving alcohol beverages yet so corkage is free =) Do call ahead and check if conditions still holds before bring cases of wine along with you. Also, there’s a private dining area for about 18-20 people if you have a big group!  

Shelter Lounge
Shop A, G/f & 1/F, Universal Building
5-13 New Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Tuesday to Friday 12.00 – 23.00
Saturday to Sunday 10.00 – 23.00
Public Holidays 10.00 – 23.00
Tel: 2517 6211

Central, Hong Kong Restaurant



Since I’m chained to the desk all day at work, there’s really not a lot of choices when it comes to getting takeout for lunch around my area so when Mano opened its door to the Central working crowd, I was eager to get a taste of it!!


Mano had been updating their facebook fan page with delicious looking dishes.


First look at this new addition to the L place was that Mano resembled simply life or now called “Open kitchen”, where it serves fresh pastries, salad, soups and mains. While the decor  of the dining area reminded me of greyhound cafe with the black and white theme, exposed light bulbs etc


I was greeted by friendly and helpful staff as soon as I walked in, you could choose to get salad in big or small bowl or a main + salad. I looked at the mains and the salmon caught my eyes so I picked the salmon steak with my choice of salad.



That’s the big bowl I ordered


The salmon was perfectly pink on the inside but perhaps it had gotten cold by the time I got back to my desk, it was a tad on the dry side (it was quite a walk from IFC to the L place). I picked a mix of barley + edamame, butternut squash and broccoli as salad. The bill came up to $118 which is pretty reasonable. On days that I feel like being bit healthy I would go to Liberty Exchange for their maple glazed salmon steak which at almost $200 and about the same size as the one in Mano has not much “salad” to offer except for a few leaves. The big Mano bowl was filled to the brim, after I finished the salmon and a few pieces of butternut squash and broccoli I had to save almost half of its content for afternoon tea! I like that the salad weren’t excessively dressed, the broccoli was simply grilled and the sweet and nutty butternut squash was just roasted. I particularly like the barley and edamame salad, the crunchiness of edamame and the slight chewiness of barley offer contrasting texture and the dish was light and tasted like it was just dressed lightly with a drizzle of lemon juice.

Am looking forward to trying the rest of their menu soon!

The L Place,

139 Queen’s Road Central

+852 23847339