Central, Hong Kong Restaurant



Since I’m chained to the desk all day at work, there’s really not a lot of choices when it comes to getting takeout for lunch around my area so when Mano opened its door to the Central working crowd, I was eager to get a taste of it!!


Mano had been updating their facebook fan page with delicious looking dishes.


First look at this new addition to the L place was that Mano resembled simply life or now called “Open kitchen”, where it serves fresh pastries, salad, soups and mains. While the decor  of the dining area reminded me of greyhound cafe with the black and white theme, exposed light bulbs etc


I was greeted by friendly and helpful staff as soon as I walked in, you could choose to get salad in big or small bowl or a main + salad. I looked at the mains and the salmon caught my eyes so I picked the salmon steak with my choice of salad.



That’s the big bowl I ordered


The salmon was perfectly pink on the inside but perhaps it had gotten cold by the time I got back to my desk, it was a tad on the dry side (it was quite a walk from IFC to the L place). I picked a mix of barley + edamame, butternut squash and broccoli as salad. The bill came up to $118 which is pretty reasonable. On days that I feel like being bit healthy I would go to Liberty Exchange for their maple glazed salmon steak which at almost $200 and about the same size as the one in Mano has not much “salad” to offer except for a few leaves. The big Mano bowl was filled to the brim, after I finished the salmon and a few pieces of butternut squash and broccoli I had to save almost half of its content for afternoon tea! I like that the salad weren’t excessively dressed, the broccoli was simply grilled and the sweet and nutty butternut squash was just roasted. I particularly like the barley and edamame salad, the crunchiness of edamame and the slight chewiness of barley offer contrasting texture and the dish was light and tasted like it was just dressed lightly with a drizzle of lemon juice.

Am looking forward to trying the rest of their menu soon!

The L Place,

139 Queen’s Road Central

+852 23847339



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