Central, Hong Kong Restaurant



Honestly, we were expecting a small Greek restaurant with just a few tables covered in blue and white so we were pleasantly surprised when the stairs led us up to a 150-seater restaurant and bar. We were led to our sofa booth table, staffs were welcoming and the red in the decor brought warmth to this spacious spot. I was delighted to know that there’s an area on the side which can be cornered off as a private room for big parties.


I love how playful the menu is, with cute illustration of famous Greek Mythology characters (J: Hercules looks like some Disney lead character, and he does! With that dashing grin). We ordered a few dishes with the help of the friendly staff


The dolma was ok but i wish the vine leaf were a tad more tender. I literally dropped my half eaten dolma when the saganaki arrived coz it looked and smelled so good!! :p


The saganaki (fried cheese served on frying pan) was a must try, the firm yet gooey dollop of golden goodness has intense cheese flavors that went very well with the sweet fig marmalade and a drizzle of lemon juice.


Scallop was grilled to perfection with its soft raw centre while the creamy manouri cheese with tsoireki (sweet fragrant Greek Easter bread) crumbs brought out the simple subtle sweetness of fresh scallop. The almond skordalia served underneath the scallop was delicious! Almond skordalia is a popular Greek speciality which is thick almond and garlic dip it was tasty without overpowering the scallop.


The souvas, mini pita wraps, had lamb, herbs, tomato, mustarad aioli, French fries and onions wrapped in pillowy bouncy pita bread arrived in the “bendover box” **geeky laughter** (bento- greek style). The lamb was very tasty though the dish was a tad too starchy between the pita and the fries.


The slow cooked lamb was incredibly tender and was saturated with intense flavors of lamb without being too gamey, any heaviness was offset by a dash of lemon and a dab of yogurt.We also ordered the Cypriot salad on Viv’s recommendation (Viviano Romito, owner of the place.) He said this salad compliments the lamb really well and he was so right!! The salad was light and delicious with contrasting textures and flavors with pops of pomegranate seeds and crunchy nuts and seeds, sweet raisin, cumin, fresh herbs, dash of honey, and the all refreshing yogurt.


Golden Greek time- What’s not to love about this dish? Initially I was a bit hesitant about it since I don’t eat anything deep fried but it wasn’t greasy at all. The vanilla mastiki ice cream with chocolate center was slightly chewy like Turkish ice cream and not overly sweet. The honeycomb on the side added crunch to the divine dish. And did I mention salted caramel? I almost drown my quarter in the rich and luscious salted caramel. Needless to say, I was very satisfied at this point


The bill came up to be just under $250 per person, which was well worth it! Souvla was definitely something above our expectations in terms of quality of food, ambience and service! The dishes came out swiftly and even the hot dishes were pretty quick. We loved most of the dishes and I can’t wait to go back and try their baklava cigars! I LOVE baklava!!

1/F, Ho Lee Comm Building,
40 D’Aguilar Street,
Central, Hong Kong
+852 2522 1823


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