Piece of Cake


Sorry for being MIA for soooooooooo long 😦 the second half of the year literally went by in a blink and before I know it, it’s already Thanksgiving!!!!

I made these turkey cakepops for thanksgiving =) I LOVE how chubby they look! Cakepop making has been keeping me busy in the past two months. Veronica and I, had started our little cakepop venture about two months ago. It all started with me making cakepops for fun for dinner parties and through word of mouth we have been getting orders here and there and eventually this became our little business-  “Piece of Cake” =)

Here are some of the cakepops we made in the last two months! I can’t decide which is my favorite design, the candy crush was alot of fun to make, so were the golf balls and the chubby turkey pops =) which is your favorite? =)

picmix-03.524 picmix-55.103IMG_00001677 IMG_00001616IMG_00001829Glfball5_edit


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