Brunch spot

Common Ground


Away from the hustle and bustle of soho, lies this charming cafe in the quiet neighborhood of Shing Wong Street. Even though it’s just minutes away from Oolaa, it’s shield away from the noise and the crowd. It offers refuge to those who are seeking simply peace and quiet

I chanced upon this charming cozy cafe one day as I was strolling in the hood after a huge brunch. I couldn’t possibly eat anymore but walked away with a cup of salted chocolate in my hands.

The salted chocolate won my heart, like what pinch of salt does to dessert, not only does it enhanced the flavor of the hot chocolate, it added dimensions to the otherwise typically flat chocolate-y sweetness. Note to self: MUST GO BACK TO COMMON GROUND

Something about Common ground puts me at ease, might have been the potted plants or wooden tables which adds a touch of nature, the casual yet chic décor or maybe it’s the friendly smiles. Doesn’t matter, I’ve finally found my pocket of tranquility in this overly hyped up area of SOHO, NOHO, POHO..

Joshua- part owner of common ground is a food and beverage consultant and started this place with his twin brother, Caleb.

They have started with a simple menu for now- J and I ordered the scrambled eggs with ciabatta toast; the rib sandwich and cappuccino.

scrambled eggsscrambled egg

V: is there cream in the scrambled egg? It’s very creamy and smooth

Joshua: yes, the eggs were cooked with cream and milk in double boiler **smilez**

V: No wonder they are so good! **light bulb** gonna try that at home

The eggs were creamy, tender and smooth, served on toasted ciabatta with pepper salad on the side drizzled with balsamic vinegar. Definitely a winner!

bbq1bbq pork

Rib sandwich was equally good, tender juicy rib cooked in homemade barbeque sauce served with caramelized onions and fresh ciabatta.


J had to rush off so I din get to try their dessert but I’ll definitely be back for it! Why can’t we have more cafes like this? A perfect hideout not far from center of action where simple food is made WELL?

Common Ground

19 Shing Wong Street, Central

11am – 8pm