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K- roll


K-roll is a Korean takeaway diner opened by three lovely ajimas (how koreans address married women)- a friend told me about K-roll last Dec coz everyone knows how much I LOVE KIMBAP! Although they are readily available on the streets of seoul, it’s hard to come by here in hong kong (especially in central away from K-town, TST). There are a few Korean caterers in Sheung Wan who would make kimbap in bulk upon orders placed at least a day in advance but it’s just such a hassle to arrange. Then came Dine- in and I was overjoyed!! Sadly that secret couldn’t be kept for long, kimbap was sold out before I could even call to reserve =( so K- roll’s opening was an exhilarating news for me!!

Since my first visit, I’ve been back almost every week to satisfy my kimbap craving. Besides the delectable food, what I like about most is the whole experience, the owners are very friendly and happy to listen to your feedback or suggestions; and make adjustments to cater to individual taste. For example, I prefer having spinach in my kimbap instead of lettuce so they made one according to my liking on the second visit. And on my third visit, as I called to place my order prior to pick up, they recognized it’s me calling just by my specifications

V: Can I get a bulgogi roll with spinach without lettuce?

K-roll: Bibian? Is that bibian?

V: *gasps, they remember my name* yes it’s bibian

K-roll: ok we’ll have it ready for you

I rave about k-roll, hmm.. maybe a bit too much :p LOL and as a result, quite a lot of my friends have been going to there. Mon told me that when she ordered kimbap with spinach without lettuce (now patented as the Bibian’s B-roll, just kidding… not really), the ajima asked her if she’s vivian’s friend :p LOL

Screen shot 2013-03-26 at 8.06.57 PM

K- roll has a simple yet fun menu with all the takeaway essentials, I’ve yet to try everything on the menu but I’ll surely work my way through slowly (on days I’m not craving for kimbap)


K- roll is basically kimbap; think of sushi with cooked food instead of sashimi. I’ve read pretty unjustified reviews on kimbap saying “OMG, it’s warm!! That must not be fresh” (-_-“) No, you idiot, google before you complain, kimbap is freshly made, and different from sushi which is kept cold, kimbap is made with freshly cooked rice which explains why it’s kinda warm. If it’s cold, it just means it’d cooled.


The bulgogi kimbap was stuffed with generous portion of juicy bulgogi (marinated sliced beef) along with egg, cucumber, carrot, spinach (or lettuce if you don’t specify), the surface of the dried seaweed is rubbed with tiny bit of sesame oil to add flavor. I love how the lightness of vegetables balances the tender, seasoned bulgogi (love that slight sweetness in the seasoning too)

Dukbokki aka Korean rice cake in spicy sauce; this dish packs a punch, the heat from the red pepper paste makes me blush, like literally **how embarrassing** it’s perfect for the winter or on rainy days when the office is freezing. I love the texture of the rice cake, it’s bouncy, al dente and not mushy; the sauce has a slight hint of sweetness which adds nice complexity to the flavor.


Bibimbap literally means stirred rice or mixed rice; you need to mix everything well before you eat it. Bibimbap is like harmony in a bowl where different textures and flavors go so well with each other. On the bottom is rice seasoned with sesame oil (slightly) and then its covered with bulgogi, carrot, bean sprout, mushrooms, spinach and topped with sunny side up and a splash of gochuchang (spicy red pepper paste). The heat from the spicy paste, the slightly runny egg, the crunch and freshness from the vegetables, the slight sweetness from the bulgogi….It’s so satisfying, it brought a smile to my face =)


Korrito, aka Korean burrito, is fun and scrumptious; it’s like a super sized kimbap but with more ingredients and perhaps more westernized flavor (with avacado and the special dressing). I had a bite of my friend’s shrimp korrito; the avocado brings richness and creaminess to the crunchy yet light fried shrimp, the special dressing adds slight spiciness to it. I shall try the chicken korrito on my next visit!

K-roll is super packed during lunch so be sure to order in advance over the phone; the restaurant is supposed to close at 7pm but most stuff are sold out before that so I usually just call before I pop over. Did I mention I’ve their number saved on my phone? LOL I love this place so much it’s embarrassing…

Shop 6A,

G/F, Sen Fat Building,

6 Bonham Strand,

Sheung Wan,

Hong Kong

+852 2234 5505 (5506)