Hong Kong Restaurant



There’s an understated elegance to Suzuike, from the subtle entrance (place your hand in between the pole at the entrance and the door will magically slide open), the simple yet polished decor, the well-spaced out tables to the clean color scheme. Everything is well thought out to provide a comfortable, relaxing dining experience.

I haven’t been back to Suzuike for awhile and was excited to find that it’s the venue for L’s birthday dinner. Thanks hun for the awesome dinner!!!

sashimi platter

We started with the Grilled blow fish as we ran around the table to catch up with each other. Next up was the Sashimi Platter, it has a good selection of fresh sashimi, the portion was just right, the ebi sashimi was my favorite of the lot, it almost doesn’t require any biting and the natural sweetness was thirst quenching

toro roll

Negitoro Roll – the buttery richness and sweetness of toro was well balanced by vinegar and scallions. The seaweed wrap was kept crispy and adds crunchy texture to the decadent roll.

seared scallop

The Pan- Seared Scallop was slightly brown on the outside and raw and tender on the inside; the scallops were plump and juicy =)


Deep Fried Amadai– I don’t touch fried food but L convinced me to try a small bite of it. The Amadai looks like a porcupine with the curled up scales, it’s deep fried till it’s crispy on the outside (the scales are edible), I had a tiny chunk of the flesh and was pleasantly surprised by how moist and light it was. I wouldn’t have known it was deep fried if it were a blind test :p

uni chawamushi

Uni Chawanmushi– the subtle sweetness of the velvety uni adds flavor to custard like steamed egg; while the lightness of latter balanced the richness of Uni


The White Truffle Somen– OMG! I had three plates of that, it’s my absolute favorite, the al dente (there’s bite to it) texture of somen, the intense aroma of truffle and the creaminess of the sauce just melts my heart. Just writing about it makes me want to go back to Suzuike, like right now!

Other dishes that I like from my previous visits includes

One of the rarer dishes is the Tuna Kama Sushi, it’s bascially the cheek and collar of tuna. IF there’s a part of tuna that taste better than the prized toro (tuna belly), it’s the kama. Kama has equal amount of fat content as toro, so it’s very soft and melts in your mouth. But on top of that, it also has a higher concentrated, more robust flavor than the belly section. There is only a few pieces per fish and it’s rare for even an average sushi restaurant in japan to have that. Lucky for us, Suzuike does it well, the sushi is so juicy and literally melts in your mouth.

Foie gras sushi ; Foie gras cooked to perfected with the sides pan fried and inside soft. Wagyu steak is flavorful and tender. The Kambachi & Botan Ebi Carpaccio with Italian White Truffle Oil & Sea Salt is one of my favorites, sea salt brings out the subtle sweetness of fresh sashimi and the truffle oil bring aroma and add depth to the dish.

I like Suzuike for their food, ambience and excellent service! The staffs are attentive, knowledgeable without being pesty. They will make recommendations according to what’s in season when/if you need suggestions. Note: there are two private rooms for those who would like even more privacy 🙂

1/F Shui On Centre, 8 Harbour Road, Wan Chai
+852 2104 5333