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坤記煲仔小菜 Kuan Kee Claypot Rice


Claypot rice is my comfort food in the winter and out of the places I’ve tried, Kuan Kee has one of the best claypot rice in Hong Kong. Since it’s not easy to get a table in this humble- looking restaurants, I made it a point to arrive before 6:30pm on the two trips I made late Jan/ early Feb, we had to wait both times despite arriving early. The best way to get a table seems to be booking in advance, there’s a slim chance that you’ll get a table if you call within the same day.

Crispy rice

Something about claypot rice: crispy rice crust on the bottom of the claypot is the crown jewel of claypot rice, the chef needs to make sure that the rice is crispy but not burnt nor stick to the bottom and is cooked through in the middle, the juice and fats from the ingredient on top of the rice seeps through into the rice underneath which coats and separates each grain of rice. The rice is cooked to perfection, not too sticky and soft nor too hard and chewy. Each claypot comes with a small bowl of soy sauce, it’s sweet and salty which goes really well with the rice. The trick of getting the perfect crispy rice bottom is to be patient, and not open the lid too early. Once you open the lid, pour the soy sauce into the pot and stir the middle section of it without disturbing the bottom portion and you’ll end up with the whole piece of crispy rice crust intact.

Dishes I’ve tried these two trips

satay beef with vermicelli pot

沙爹粉絲肥牛煲- The satay beef with vermicelli pot was still sizzling when it arrived, sliced beef was tender and flavorful and the vermicelli had soaked up the satay sauce and is yummy on its own

goat brisket with beancurd sheet pot

枝竹羊腩煲 The goat brisket with beancurd sheet pot was served on the gas stove; V and I eagerly waited as the stew continued to boil and the heavy aroma of goat and herbs enveloped us. The goat brisket was not too gamey and the meat was tender, full of flavor and not too fatty. The beancurd sheet and the mushrooms absorbed all the essence of the soup. “goat” 黑草羊 was used instead of lamb as it has a slightly gamier taste to it. The soup was so tasty, I saved some of it for my claypot rice that’s on its way.

Black bean and pepper eel claypot rice

After about 20- 30 minutes the claypot rice started to arrive. 豉汁白鱔煲仔飯 V liked her Black bean and pepper eel claypot rice. The spiciness from chopped chili, the black bean and pepper sauce goes well with the sweet and salty soy sauce and together brought out the freshness of the succulent eel meat

荔芋排骨煲 – The yam with spare ribs pot Coated with rich coconut milk infused sauce, chunks of yam were almost creamy on the surface and soft and fluffy on the inside! Ribs are tender and the fats and meat proportions were just right.

yam with spare ribs pot Chinese sausage with chicken claypot rice

臘腸滑雞飯- Chinese sausage with chicken claypot rice once the lid was opened, we were greeted with the fragrance of rice and chinese sausage. Chicken was tender, juicy and well marinated; rice was coated with oil and fragrance from the chinese sausage. This dish was tasty enough on its own, we left the soy sauce aside.

We were both stuffed and satisfied at the end of the dinner and had to take a walk from Kuan Kee to central to walk off part of our heavy meal :p We’ll be back the next time to try the other dishes!

Kuan Kee Claypot Rice

Address: Shop 1, Wo Yick Mansion, 263 Queen’s Road West, Western District

Phone:2803 7209